Sometimes you must look back to move forward

I have recently completed 21/64 Approach Training to add to my toolbox of skills for leading conversations about values, vision, identity, and legacy with multigenerational clients. To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical of some of the “touchy-feely” tools that they have developed to facilitate these conversations.

We were fortunate to have a skillful facilitation team leading us in learning about the tools. However, I had signed on thinking that they would be instructing us in how to use them in our role as an advisor. Surprise! The first part of each exercise was to engage with the tools in our role as “self.” (Have I mentioned that I have some discomfort sharing my feelings in a group?)

One of the exercises focused on examining our family history and plotting important milestones in our parents’ and grandparents’ lives on a timeline. Then we explored money messages that our parents communicated to us and those that we wished to communicate to others. I never expected to have an “aha” moment about the origins and causes of my own attitudes towards money, work, and giving, but I sure did!

So, in addition to learning some new skills and tools, I learned another lesson – trust the process. And to those who might be skeptical about “touchy-feely” exercises and conversations – they worked on me, and they can work on you too!