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Sometimes you must look back to move forward


I have recently completed 21/64 Approach Training to add to my toolbox of skills for leading conversations about values, vision, identity, and legacy with multigenerational clients. To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical of some of the “touchy-feely” tools that they have developed to facilitate these conversations. We were fortunate to have a skillful facilitation [...]

Sometimes you must look back to move forward2022-06-17T17:44:48+00:00

It’s not all about the money – or is it?


Early in my career in philanthropy, a friend was celebrating securing a grant for a nonprofit’s capital campaign from the largest foundation in town. I commented that, “When I grow up, I want to be {name of that foundation’s CEO}.” My friend replied that he understood – access to the power and money controlled by [...]

It’s not all about the money – or is it?2022-06-21T20:51:48+00:00

Are we a “family” foundation or a family “foundation”?


This is not a trick question, as there is not a right or wrong answer. But it becomes a tricky question if the donor does not make his intentions clear. In the absence of clear direction from the donor, families may find themselves debating this issue, and it could become a topic that creates division [...]

Are we a “family” foundation or a family “foundation”?2022-06-17T17:44:36+00:00

What is a philanthropic advisor?


As I embark on this new endeavor of establishing a philanthropic consulting practice, many friends and acquaintances have asked, “I understand what a consultant does, but what exactly is a philanthropic consultant?” Good question, but the underlying question is really, “What is philanthropy?” My answer would be that philanthropy means different things to different people. [...]

What is a philanthropic advisor?2022-06-17T17:49:04+00:00
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